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Finding the platform that is just right for your business is something that can be really difficult, but it is also something that will make all of the difference in the way that your business works. In order to make things a little easier for you, today we are going to give you an international ecommerce platform comparison and check out to excellent options that are great for established businesses and even for startups. The platforms that we are going to be taking a look at are WooCommerce and Magento, so make sure you keep reading this article in order to find out more information about them.


If you already have a WordPress website, then this is the platform for you because you will have to have one in order for you to be able to use WooCommerce. Since a whopping 28% of websites on the internet are all WooCommerce sites, we can definitely say that this platform is definitely popular. This is a free solution and with it, you will be able to sell physical products, as well as digital downloads, which means that it will accommodate any business. The platform is supported by an app and doesn’t require any kind of coding and another thing that is really great about it is that it comes out with some incredible features right out of the box, which isn’t very common. These features include things like coupons and email marketing and much more, and all of them will really help you with your business. However, even with those amazing features that come with the platform, when compared to other options it really isn’t as feature rich, or as comprehensive.


If you are after something that is really popular, then this may just be it because most big brands out there use Magento for their ecommerce, and that is what we will be talking next in this international ecommerce platform comparison. This is a platform that is very versatile and it will allow you to get the exact look that you want for your ecommerce, as well as the perfect functionality. There are ready-made solutions that come as a part of the platform that can be used for fashion and B2B, so if you have a business in those areas, this is definitely a platform you should consider. The solution itself is very user-friendly and great for anyone that is a beginner and the platform is very scalable, unlike other solutions such as Selz, so you can be sure that your business will be able to grow and the platform will grow with it. This is a very feature-rich platform, unlike WooCommerce, so you will definitely be able to get a lot out of it. However, even though the community version of the platform is free, the technical support side of the

platform can cost you thousands of dollars. You will also definitely need to find a host in order to the complexity of the design and the fact that the design is so scalable, and this can either cost you a few dollars a month or hundreds of dollars depending on what kind of hosting you are looking for. This is also a platform that is pretty complicated, so you will have to be prepared for a time-consuming learning curve, and if you want to make the platform work, you will have no other choice then to put the necessary time in. When it comes to the right ecommerce platform for your business, I will always depend on the needs of your business and the features that you are after, so even with this ecommerce platform comparison deciding which the best option for you is will be completely up to you. We hope that you liked this article and that either WooCommerce or Magento will be the right choice for you.